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Not to be confused with commercial house builders, we act as deft and experienced advocates, able to take control of your areas of land and assess their suitability for planning and promotion.  We work tirelessly to ensure that any land that you sell via our service commands the highest price by making use of a mix of sophisticated planning procedures as well as affordable and well-structured designs.  If problems rear their heads, our proactive approach will tackle them expertly. By partnering with landowners, we plan strategically and provide them with a detailed plan towards success.  Our projects come from all over the country, varying from small to very large and complex developments.  We also get involved in strategic land projects i.e. land that is driven through the planning process in order to deliver a final development such as a retail park or industrial estate.  Always adapting a professional approach, attention to detail is applied to all that we do.  Working closely with both landowners and industry partners, we always deliver when it comes to important issues and providing outstanding results.

Sophisticated Processes and Procedures

We consider all types of land and freehold sites, with and without planning permission.  Once you instruct us, we can get involved during any part of the process and even deal with land that has zero consent or which has not been included in any local development plans.  By partnering with you from day one and planning proactively, your route towards success is a much smoother one.

We take on board land projects from all over the UK, working closely with the planning departments in order to take care of any hitches or hurdles that may potentially delay progress.  Because of our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to come up with solutions to most planning obstacles by dealing with them in a productive and effective way.  Our focus is continually on the end result so we will do all that it takes, working in a professional and skilled way, to produce results that our clients desire.

Marketing and Developing your Land

Once we have obtained planning permission for your plot, we can assist you with marketing the land to sell or help you if you choose to personally develop it.  We will drive the sales process forward, liaising with agents and buyers as well as developers.  By ensuring that the sale is made to the most suitable buyer, we are able to add essential value to the process. Whether you are looking to develop, buy or sell a plot of land that may be suitable for commercial use, we are here to assist every step of the way.  Get in touch with us now and find out just how much time and money you can save by dealing with the experts