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Restrictive covenants

As per the letter you have received, your home is restricted by covenants (listed in full in your letter and at the bottom of this page). Please read carefully and calculate the number of breaches relevant to you and select the payment accordingly.Alternatively, if preferred, we are now offering the option for full and final settlement.

Upon receipt of payment for the release of covenants in their entirety, a signed deed of release is issued and forwarded to the proprietor. The document is to be countersigned by the proprietor and kept with the deeds. It surrenders our right (the Gascoine Group Ltd)  to claim or enforce schedule 3 / restrictive covenants related items. Should you wish to do so, the deed of waiver, together with a CN1 form (downloadable below) can be forwarded to UK Land Registry in order for the deeds to be altered and re-issued (this will incur an administrative charge). Removal of covenants by the UK Land Registry at their discretion and on a case by case basis.

Please note, each breach is charged at £ 149.00 ( please calculate and multiply accordingly).

Release of restrictive covenants in their entirety is charged at £ 399.00

You should be aware that unless this matter is resolved you will encounter great difficulty in any future sale or mortgage of this property due to the breach of the covenant set out in the said transfer.


Covenant Payment


No. of Breaches
Payment Type

Release of restrictive covenants in their entirety £399, Single Breach £149

Covenants applicable in detail.

Your property is subject to restrictive covenants detailed by a transfer, details of which are set out below: THE THIRD SCHEDULE before referred to:-
  1. No house garage outbuildings shed hut or erection of any kind other than as existing at the date hereof shall be placed or allowed to remain on the Property except in accordance with plans and elevations which shall have been previously approved in writing by the Company.
  1. No addition or structural alterations shall be made to any building or erection on the Property unless the plans and elevations of such addition or structural alteration shall have been previously approved in writing by the Company and no such addition or alteration shall be made except in accordance with such plans. The Transferee shall pay to the Company a sum not exceeding three pounds on the application for approval of each set of plans and elevations rendered necessary under this clause.
  1. Neither the Property nor any building erected thereon shall be used for any purpose other than a single private dwellinghouse with necessary offices garage and outbuildings for use in connection therewith and no profession trade business or manufacture of any kind whatsoever shall be carried on thereon nor shall any caravan house on wheels booths swings roundabouts or shows be placed or used or allowed to remain thereon. Any part of the Property not built upon shall be kept as a private garden ground and no pigs poultry pigeons or other animals except domestic pets not kept for breeding purposes shall be kept on the Property.
  1. No gravel sand clay or earth shall be excavated or removed except for the purpose of erecting some such buildings as aforesaid on the Property in accordance with the provisions herein and no bricks clay or earth shall be baked or burned thereon nor shall any act be done thereon which shall or may become a nuisance damage or annoyance to the owners or occupiers of houses in the neighbourhood.
  1. The Transferee shall not affix erect or display or cause to be affixed erected or displayed on any part of the Property or any building for the time being thereon any placard board poster sign advertisement notice or writing except the name and number of the dwellinghouse and when required one notice board to indicate that the dwellinghouse is to be let or sold.
  1. The Transferee shall forever hereafter maintain at his own expense a fence not more than 6’ in height along the boundary (if any) of the Property marked with a ‘T’ inwards on the said plan provided that no fencing walls or hedges of any kind whatsoever shall be erected at the front garden of the Property.