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As a company, we are used to maximising land values and working our way through the ever-changing and sometimes tedious planning process.  Our aim is to produce the maximum value for land owned by our many clients, enhancing the marketability of the site. By working with you in the most effective way and ensuring that your land is promoted expertly once planning is accepted, our in-house teams of property professionals will take care of every aspect of the process in order to provide you with the best result.

Your Route Towards Success

We consider all types of land and freehold sites, with and without planning permission.  Once you instruct us, we can get involved during any part of the process and even deal with land that has zero consent or which has not been included in any local development plans.  By partnering with you from day one and planning proactively, your route towards success is a much smoother one.

We take on board land projects from all over the UK, working closely with the planning departments in order to take care of any hitches or hurdles that may potentially delay progress.  Because of our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to come up with solutions to most planning obstacles by dealing with them in a productive and effective way.  Our focus is continually on the end result so we will do all that it takes, working in a professional and skilled way, to produce results that our clients desire.

We Take Problems In Our Stride

Once the planning hurdle and any problems have been dealt with, we will work with you to put in place a marketing plan, bespoke to suit your goals.  If you want to retain the land and develop it yourself, we can help with that too.  We have buyers continually on our books seeking land with planning permission; we will market to our existing database but will also help you to promote your land extensively in order to attract the most attractive buyers at the top achievable price. Whatever type of land you have, we will help you to secure planning, development go-ahead and eventual sale if that is your preferred option.  Give us a call now and let us get working on your parcel of land to make it a profitable and productive area for you.